About us

Protect Bath helps bring the people of Bath together, to campaign on issues they care about, to protect our local environment.

Protect Bath was born from the Victims of Fullers Earth campaign group. There are now around a thousand of us.

The name Protect Bath was subsequently adopted to reflect the broader and increasing number of supporter concerns, on issues facing Bath and the surrounding area, such as development of the Green Belt.

Supporters get involved (just enter your email in the box above) and receive the occasional brief email, providing simple ways to take action.

Supporters also come together in person at key times within a campaign. We’ll let you know when.

Protect Bath is funded by donations from its supporters, at key campaign moments.

To join in, just enter your email above and press the ‘Get involved’ button. It’s free.

We hope you’ll join us, to Protect Bath.

Thank you.

Contact us at contact@protectbath.org